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Iris Gillon IGMC Presents: Veranda Views

This classically beautiful venue is the mark of sophistication. NYC celebrity wedding or NYC corporate gala. Sporting cathedral ceilings, fabulous history, art, sculpture and more. This special events venue is one of the more sophisticated and unusual places to host a party in NYC. Wedding packages starting at $100pp++off peak and $150pp++ peak dates and seasons. Best Weddings in NYC. Best Receptions in Manhattan & NYC! Fabulous NYC and Best Catering Facility for Weddings and Events! Unique Wedding Spaces NYC! Unusual Weddings in New York City! Unique Wedding Receptions Sites NYC!New York City Mansion Weddings. Elegant Weddings NYC. Best Receptions NYC. Hotel Weddings. Weddings Ballrooms in NY. Corporate Events Facilities NYC. Unique spaces for weddings in NY.

Iris Gillon IGMC Venues Iris Gillon IGMC Venues Iris Gillon IGMC Venues
Iris Gillon IGMC Venues Iris Gillon IGMC Venues Iris Gillon IGMC Venues
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When you enter the spacious Carrera marble lobby adorned with dazzling Baccarat chandeliers and fine European antiques at Terrace, you sense an air of elegance and sophistication. For over three decades Veranda Views has been the innovator of catering standards.

The ballroom, fourteen stories high, presents breathtaking views of the New York skyline lit by the setting sun, or a crisp snowfall topping the trees in the park.

Our team of seasoned Catering Managers stresses the importance of flexibility in designing a menu and theme for each individual event. The kitchen is well versed in preparation of a myriad of ethnic cuisines including southern Italy, contemporary American, and European. The desserts and wedding cake masterpieces are designed and baked on the premises. Director, Mark Gelfand, emphasizes that everything served at Terrace is prepared on premises and cooked to order, allowing each host to entertain guests as he would in his own home.

The private suites on the Ballroom level offer floor-to-ceiling windows, sunken dance floors, and dining rooms with service and amenities that rival a five star hotel. The Penthouse suite features an outdoor reception chapel area in a garden setting. On the well-manicured grounds there is a large gazebo, perfect for photos.

Veranda Views will ensure the perfect party, fulfilling your desires and exceeding your expectations.

Seated Dinner with Dancing Party Size Capacities:
50 to 1100 for seated dinners with dancing

Call Our Event Planning Specialist Iris Gillon to Arrange for Your Guided Tour!
201-836-6085 or 212-765-8714


Friday Nights, Saturday & Sundays 11am-5pm or Call for "hard-to-sell" dates!



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